Let KiOma’s quality amaze you!

Would you like to become the retailer of KiOma and Moomin by KiOma's clothing and accessories?

KiOma Oy is a responsible Finnish clothing manufacturer. We manufacture functional clothes for babies, children, and adults. Bags and accessories will also be added to our selection in the future. We hope to bring affordable prices to your customers without compromising quality and ecology. We also have the ©Moomin Characters™ official license to manufacture Moomin clothes and accessories, so let us make your shop international as well, or just add the beloved Moomin characters to be a part of your shop's selection.

In case you're interested in reselling our clothes, send us email here.. Please note that we only deliver to companies or associations with a Business ID (e.g. VAT identification number). As a consumer, you can purchase our clothing at: KiOmashop.fi. For now, we can serve there in Finnish.

About us.

KiOma is a manufacturer and wholesaler of clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products, but we do have a consumer shop for customers at KiOmashop.fi. Our aim is to help both small and large retailers grow by allowing greater variety products reach them.

We have experience in manufacturing clothes since 2017 and in entrepreneurship for more than 20 years. We've also established the brand HuiGee in 2017, which changed its brand name to KiOma in 2023. HuiGee's customers are familiar with us and know that we pride ourselves in our product quality, customer service and reliability.

We always grant our products a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

KiOma x Moomin

Do you want to offer your customers affordable and soft high-quality Moomin clothing? Are you looking for resale opportunities for women's, men's, children's, and babies' Moomin clothes? Then you've come to the right place!

We are proud to be an official ©Moomin Characters™ licensee and can offer you a wide range of authentic Moomin clothing for the entire family. Our goal is to make Moomin clothing easily accessible to everyone, so that all can enjoy these charming and beloved characters that Tove Jansson created.

Our Moomin clothes are made of soft and durable materials that guarantee both comfort and a long service life. Quality is of the utmost importance to us.

We also provide competitive prices to our retailers. This way we wish to ensure that you can offer your customers high-quality Moomin clothing at an affordable price.

Join us and become one of our valued resellers. We will feature our retailers on this website as well as on our Facebook and Instagram once the summer '24 collection is launched in May. Together we can spread joy and heartwarming nostalgia everywhere with our lovely Moomin clothing. Contact us today and we can discuss more about the possibilities!

What do our Finnish customers think of us?

"I ordered the products on weekend and the products managed to arrive by Tuesday morning. Making the order was easy and delivery super fast."

- Anu H.


Contact us

Kioma Oy  VAT: FI33638131 
Address: Lauttaranta 7, liiketila 7, 28400 Ulvila, Finland
email: info@kioma.fi