We aim to surprise.

The history of our company is strong and versatile. In addition to the two female entrepreneurs, we employ several designers, pattern planners, and seamstresses, all of whom bring their own expertise and creativity to the service of our company.

Clothing creation process requires much more that simple initial designing, it also involves planning, sizing, multiple prototypes, and of course hundreds of drops of sweat, so that the finished product definitely turns out to be splendid. This guarantees the high-quality of the end result and the satisfaction of our customers. All designing, sizing, and planning of the patterns are done in Finland.

Durable and long-lasting clothing.

We want to create clothing for everyone! Finnish design and a Finnish manufacturer provide clothes for everyday life as well as celebrations, not forgetting the feel-good accessories. We have our own Basic collection, and a new generation of Moomin clothes that will bring joy to everybody, from children to adults. Each collection adds something new.

Our clothing collections are renewed twice a year, so there will always be up to date options in our selection. Regardless, we strive to make timeless and lasting clothes, and often clothes from different collections can be beautifully matched together. Although the pre-sale of summer clothing has ended, you can still find clothes from the summer '24 collection for your own shop's selection. Log in to the wholesale shop or apply to become one of our retailers. We are currently selling fun nightwear and loungewear for the whole family for both fall '24 and Christmas season.

The responsible choice is yours.

It is particularly important for us to mention that these clothes are produced responsibly. Finnish sizing guarantees a good fit, and high-quality materials will allow the clothing to last for a long time. Our products are manufactured in Finland, China, and India, but we have verified each factory ourselves and can provide the transparent supply chain to our customers at any time.

Big thanks to Finnish design and a responsible manufacturer – we may now dress stylishly and comfortably for every situation without compromising on responsibility!

If you are still not convinced by our products, send a sample request and a catalog request to info@kioma.fi or apply directly to become a reseller. We'll get to know your company and once we've accepted you, you'll get your own username for our wholesale shop, which you can use to order either in advance or replenish your stock. On pre-orders we grant a pre-ordering discount, amount of which will vary. You can always find our up-to-date stock balance on the website. If you want a direct presentation of our products, contact us via tomi@kioma.fi.

Thank you for your time and welcome to the KiOma team!